Write, Show, Tell!

Write, Show Tell: The Mitchells at 32 Birchwood Place

Lindsay Mitchell’s grandparents, John and Margaret Mitchell, lived at 32 Birchwood Place between 1946 and 1984. The Mitchells were the second resident of the address after the Logie houses were built. Encouraged by the Logie Creative Writing Group, she has decided to document her grandparents lives. I was brought up in Scott Street which ran the length of Logie Housing Scheme; we were ableContinue reading “Write, Show Tell: The Mitchells at 32 Birchwood Place”

Blue Mountains

By Helen Nugent This photograph depicts the inspiration for my poem, ’Blue Mountains’. Commonly known as the ‘Blue Mountains’ – the area, between Hawkhill and Blackness Road, near to the Westport – was rife with poverty and prostitution. The pub in the photograph was named Mickey Coyle’s. It closed in 1966, when I was fiveContinue reading “Blue Mountains”

Write, Show, Tell: Logie Creative Writing Group (6)

Matthew Knights is a playwright and creative writing tutor, based in Dundee. Over the last six weeks, he has partnered with Abertay Historical Society to deliver a series of Creative Writing Workshops, based around the history of Logie Scheme, as part of the second stage of the project. The last installment of the Creative WritingContinue reading “Write, Show, Tell: Logie Creative Writing Group (6)”

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